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imarkRoy J. CarverUniversity of Illinois
Biotechnology Center

New Positions


The High Performance Computing in Biology (HPCBio) has an opening for a graduate hourly position (20 hrs/wk) with a focus on statistical analysis of genomic data, starting August 2017 through the fall semester, with the possibility of extending into the spring.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists in the statistical analysis of genome-wide gene expression datasets
  • Assists in the statistical analysis of other large-scale genomics data
  • Submission of regular written reports on projects
  • Develops scripts and programs for processing and statistical analysis of genomic data
  • Assist in training or workshops


  • BS degree in Statistics, Biology, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering or related field. 

  • Solid knowledge of statistics
  • Fluent use of R for statistical analysis

Preferred qualifications: 

  • Some familiarity with bioinformatics analysis, in particular RNA-Seq or technologies relevant to gene expression analysis, using Bioconductor packages in R
  • Knowledge of Linux command line, with experience in HPC environments
  • Familiarity with Python or Perl

Please send resumes to Dr. Chris Fields, Associate Director of HPCBio:


Seminar Listings

Campus-Wide Seminar Listings

Listings will begin again in the Fall Semester!