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imarkRoy J. CarverUniversity of Illinois
Biotechnology Center

High-Throughput Sequencing and Genotyping Unit
Director: Alvaro Hernandez Ph. D.
340 Edward R. Madigan Laboratory,
1201 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 244-3480     
FAX: (217) 265-5066



April 18th

Our 10x Genomics Chromium system is up and running! This is a great system for denovo assembly of eukaryotic genomes, genome phasing and characterization of large structural variations. The linked reads offer capabilities that cannot be obtained with short reads alone. It can also do 3' transcriptome libraries from up to 10,000 cells per channel and one chip has 8 channels. Feel free to ask for more information.


February 10th

We continue to produce complete assemblies of bacterial and viral genomes by sequencing the DNA with Oxford Nanopore and performing error correction with Illumina reads. If you have a bacteria, virus or any small genome that needs a complete assembly let us know.


February 7th, 2017

We are hiring! We have two openings for Research Specialist positions, see add here:…

December 19th, 2016

We placed an order for a 10x Genomics Chromium system. This will be used for denovo genome assembly, whole-genome phasing and single-cell transcriptomics. More information here:


November 5th, 2016

  Chris and Alvaro run the Indianapolis Monumental full marathon in 4h and 32 min. Go Team Biotech!

Full marathon
End of full marathon, Indianapolis, Nov 5th 2016

September 6, 2016

Our second HiSeq 4000 has been received. We have consistently been producing between 700 and 800 million paired-reads per lane with the HiSeq 4000. This is over 105 Gbases per lane! We have validated shotgun genomic, RNAseq, bisulfite-converted, RRBS, ChipSeq, small RNA, mate-pair and other libraries in this instrument.

April 30th, 2016

  Chris and Alvaro in the finish line of the Christie Clinic half marathon. Total run time of 2h and 7 min. Go Team Biotech!

Chris and Alvaro, half marathon
Chris and Alvaro at the finish line of the Christie Clinic half marathon

April 25th, 2016

Our first run on the HiSeq 4000 produced 630 to 780 million reads per lane!. With reads being 150nt in length, this is from 94 Gbases to 117 Gbases per lane!, over 30x of a human genome in just one lane. This instrument is great for sequencing of shotgun genomic libraries with fragments ~ 400bp in length and for RNAseq libraries. We will be testing other libraries soon.

April 7th, 2016

Our first HiSeq 4000 is here and getting installed. The HiSeq 4000 is a unit of the HiSeq x10. More updates on this new instrument soon.

April 5th, 2016

We started using Oxford Nanopore for sequencing of archaeal and bacterial genomes with great success! The typical output we get from a MInion MK I flowcell is 15 to 20 thousand reads 1kb to 40kb in length. Please, ask us about this technology.

News reports from sequencing done in our lab: 


Day: March, Friday 13th from noon to 1pm. Room 612 IGB.

Title: Next Generation Sequencing at the UIUC DNA Sequencing Laboratory: Applications and Capabilities

Please join us to learn about the very latest next-generation sequencing chemistries, instruments and services at your campus’ DNA sequencing laboratory. We will give an overview of various applications of next-gen sequencing and what resources are available to accomplish your projects, from whole genome sequencing, gene expression profiling, ChipSeq, small RNAs, methylation, metagenomics, microbial community profiling and custom applications. There will be time for questions and answers so come prepared to inquire about the best strategies for your projects. Pizza and refreshments will be provided.

Speakers: Alvaro G. Hernandez, Ph.D. Director of DNA Services
                 Chris L. Wright, Assistant Director of DNA Services




Seminar sponsored by the DNA Sequencing Laboratory

   Date: Tuesday March 17th

   Location: ERML room 128

Introducing the MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System.

The MiSeq FGx enables forensic DNA testing for criminal casework, forensic profiling for DNA databases, mtDNA analysis to identify missing persons, paternity testing and other forensic applications. This is done in one easy sample prep system that interrogates 200 genetic markers in a single workflow, eliminating the need for multiple STR kits. The MiSeq FGx system includes the ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software, which features a comprehensive suite of library management and analytical tools.

Presenters: Danny Hall and Ann Allison from Illumina.

Watch video from this link:                    

Download presentations from this link: