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imarkRoy J. CarverUniversity of Illinois
Biotechnology Center

High-Throughput Sequencing and Genotyping Unit
Director: Alvaro Hernandez Ph. D.
340 Edward R. Madigan Laboratory,
1201 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 244-3480     
FAX: (217) 265-5066

Please visit our CoreLims website ( to submit your fragment analysis orders and low- and medium-throughtput Sanger sequencing orders.

Leslie D. Benson
Leslie D. Benson
Laboratory Supervisor

The Core Facility provides Sanger DNA sequencing and fragment analysis services to researchers at domestic and international academic institutions, government agencies and private companies. All sequencing and fragment analysis samples are analyzed on two Applied Biosystems 3730xl DNA Analyzers to provide customers with the most sophisticated capillary sequencing technology to date.  These automated sequencers run with 50 cm capillary arrays and are extremely fast and accurate. 

We offer three levels of service options, based on the number of samples in your project and the way you submit them. 


  • Low-throughput:  1-95 sequencing reactions submitted at any one time.
  • Medium-throughput:  1-49 plates of sequencing reactions submitted at any one time.
  • High-throughput:  50 or more plates submitted in a 2-month period.

Our CoreLims website ( is used to submit and track orders, retrieve data, gain access to analysis software and obtain troubleshooting assistance.  High-throughput projects are tracked with an internal information management system.

Customers are encouraged to discuss any problems or concerns with facility personnel, as our goal is to provide only the highest-quality sequencing data and support. For consultations, please contact the Core staff at or 217-333-9520.