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Illumina HiSeq 4000 and HiSeq 2500 (two 4000 and two V4-capable 2500).

       Construction of all library types: RNAseq, shotgun genomic, mate-pairs, ChIPseq, small RNA, and custom libraries.

  • Sequencing on the HiSeq 4000 or 2500
  • Full flowcell or any number of lanes (8 lanes in High Output, two lanes in Rapid Mode)
  • Single-reads or paired-reads
  • 50bp, 100bp, 150bp or 250bp reads

    Hi Seq2000

Illumina MiSeq v3 (3 instruments) »

MiSeq v3

     Construction of libraries from amplicons, genomic DNA, small RNAs, mRNA, ChIP DNA, etc.

  • Sequencing on the MiSeq
  • Each run is a complete flowcell (1 lane).
  • Paired-End reads
  • Titration (50 nt), 250nt or 300nt reads
  • 10 to 50 million reads per run depending on run type.

16S rRNA (and all other) amplicon preparation services»

  • Preparation of 16S, 18S, ITS, archaeal, and other gene specific PCR products
  • Prepared samples are then ready to sequence on the Illumina platforms

MiSeq Forensics FGx»

  • This system analyzes STRs, mitochondrial DNA and a targeted pannel of SNPs that characterize identity, ancestry and physical traits.

10x Genomics Chromium System»

  • This system produces libraries for de novo genome assembly, genome phasing, characterization of large structural variations and for 3' transcriptome libraries from single-cells.

Oxford Nanopore Minion MK I»

  • This platform is being used to generate assemblies of bacterial and archaeal genomes.

Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis»

  • Fragment analysis and Sanger DNA sequencing on the AB 3730xl DNA Analyzer.
  • Three levels of sequencing options and pricing to fit the size of your project.


All work performed by the Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center (CBC) should be acknowledged in scholarly publications, posters, and presentations. Proper recognition allows us to measure the impact of our work and supports our initiatives in obtaining sponsored funding. In addition, any CBC personnel who make a substantial intellectual or experimental contribution are deserving of further recognition as co-author.