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University of Illinois

Noyes Lab from the Quad

Carver Proteomics Core

The Proteomics Core Facility is staffed by scientists with extensive experience characterizing proteins from diverse systems. The core provides a variety of proteomics services including customized sample preparation, protein identification, detection of post-translational modifications, isotopic label based and label-free quantitation, and intact protein characterization. The facility is well equipped with three state-of-the-art high resolution mass spectrometers with nanoflow liquid chromatography systems or chip-based robots. The core uses various software systems such as Mascot, Proteome Discoverer, Byonic, and MaxQuant for analysis of raw mass spectrometry data. In addition, assistance in protein quantitation and deeper downstream bioinformatics analysis including gene ontology, visualization of protein networks, and pathway analysis. Consultations are always welcome – simply make an appointment or drop by to discuss how our services may assist you with your experimental goals.


Check the tabs below for details about instrumentation, pricing, and sample submission.