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University of Illinois

Assays / Pricing

New pricing begins June 1, 2022

Prior to shipment/analysis, please complete our online Sample Submission Form. After discussion via Email or meeting, it will be decided if we can accept your samples and which analysis we will conduct. A quote will be provided, if requested. If you are still at the stage of designing experiments or writing grant proposals that will include our services​​​, we encourage you to discuss your projects with us prior.

Note: We accept BSL-1 and BSL-2 samples. We require that you diligently and transparently provide sufficient detail concerning the purity of your samples and follow all Federal and State transport requirements, including those related to biological material, in order to ensure you are both providing us with acceptable material and shipping it properly.

Instrument Analysis Fee

Service Option A (per sample) Option B (per sample)
LC-MS Metabolite Profiling (untargeted metabolomics) $75 $83
LC-MS Lipid Profiling (untargeted lipidomics) $75 $83
GC-MS Metabolite Profiling (semi-targeted metabolomics) $94 $102
Quantitative LC-MS (targeted) $33 $41
Semi-quantitative LC-MS (targeted) $26 $34
Quantitative GC-MS (targeted) $34 $42
Semi-quantitative GC-MS (targeted) $28 $36
Multilabel microplate reader $31/half hour N/A
Statistical Analysis (Bioinformatics)  $40/sample N/A

Option A: The delivered samples have been extracted (from raw materials) or purified (via SPE or related) and are ready for injection without further processing.

Option B: Staff performs sample extraction from delivered raw materials (cell, tissue, blood/ plasma/ serum, urine, feces, etc) and/or processed into final form for injection.

Option A will only be approved in special circumstances in which specific protocols have been thoroughly discussed with us prior to execution and/or training has been provided. Under option B, in cases where SPE sample preparation is required (e.g. urine samples), there is an additional fee of $5/sample.

    On- and off-campus clients are required to submit an online Sample Submission Form to us prior to project agreement, shipment, and analysis.

    External users are charged an additional 31.7% overhead fee, which is capped at 20% for those users from State of Illinois subsidized universities and government agencies. All project require a technical testing agreement. For further information contact Dr. Mark A. Mikel (217-244-0144;, Associate Director of the Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center.

    For additional information please contact us at or Dr. Michael La Frano at

    All scientific work performed by the Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center (CBC) is required to be acknowledged in scholarly publications, posters, and presentations.  Proper recognition allows us to measure the impact of our work and supports our initiatives in obtaining sponsored funding. In addition, any CBC personnel who make a substantial intellectual or experimental contribution are deserving of further recognition as co-author.